I received an SMS saying that my shipment gojavas will attempt to deliver my shipment today. At what time can I expect the delivery today?

In the case you have received an SMS saying we will attempt the delivery today, we try our best to ensure an attempt on the same day. However, since our field executives have several shipments to deliver on a single route, we cannot give you the exact time he will reach your address. Rest assured, our field executive will call you before reaching your address and you can coordinate with him to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

Can I have the contact details of the FE/delivery staff on the field for better communication?

Our field executives spend most of their time riding their bikes and delivering your shipments. Hence they are unable to attend phone calls most of the time. In order to avoid accidents, delays and misunderstandings we avoid sharing their contact details. However, it is important for us to know your concern, and therefore we have a dedicated customer care center with us. You can speak to our representative here.

Can I have the contact details of the local branch?

Large call volumes cannot be handled by our local branches, most of which have only one or two telephone lines. However, to ensure that you have a smooth experience, we have a dedicated customer care center to help you resolve any query or complaint. You can speak to our representative here.

Would I be called before the delivery is attempted?

Our field executive will call you in case he is unable to locate your delivery address / it is your work address / if you stay in a society where outsiders are not allowed to enter without authorization.

What does my Shipment Status mean?

Please refer to the 'Shipment Status' term in the 'Glossary'.

Once a shipment is Out for Delivery, till what time can it be delivered?

Our field executive is on the job until 8 pm for home addresses and 6 pm for office addresses. But at times, deliveries later than these are also made.

I attempted to track my shipment but was told to enter valid docket number. Why?

This could be because of two reasons:
1) A typing error, please recheck the number and try again.
2) The physical shipment has not been handed over to us by the consignor whilst we have received the data with the pre-assigned AWB No. Kindly contact the consignor in this case.

What is real time tracking?

Real time Tracking is a service provided by us which can help you can track the movement of the delivery vehicle as well as the details of the Field Executive on Google Maps.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

Yes, we do!

How do I contact customer care?

You can call us at 0124-4405730 (Monday to Sunday, 8 AM TO 8:30 PM).


The company with whom you placed the order.

Docket No./ AWB No./Shipment No./ Consignment No.

The unique number assigned to each item in your shipment to help facilitate its tracking.

Field Executive

The person who will deliver the shipment to you.

Local Branch/Branch/Hub

The facility near your location from where the deliveries are made.

Return Request ID

The unique number assigned to each item in your shipment in the event of a "Return" to help facilitate its tracking.

Shipment Status

Shipment Details Received, physical handover pending :
This means that we have received the information about your order but the shipment has not been picked up yet from the consignor.
Shipment Received at Warehouse :
This means that the shipment has been picked up and has arrived at the warehouse.
In Transit to :
This means that the shipment has been dispatched from the Warehouse and is on the way to your local branch.
In Transit at :
This means that the shipment has arrived at the local branch and a delivery will be attempted within 1-2 days.
Out for Delivery :
This means that our Field Executive has left the branch with your shipment and a delivery will be attempted.
Delivered :
This means that the shipment has been delivered.
Could Not Be Delivered But Will Be Attempted Again :
This means that the delivery was attempted but due to some reason was unsuccessful. It will be attempted again.
Return To Origin :
Return to origin or RTO means that the shipment is being returned to the consignor due to an unsuccessful delivery of your shipment. This is done either on the instructions of the consignor or upon exhaustion of delivery attempts.


The package containing the item(s) you ordered.

Value of Shipment

This is the COD amount that you need to pay at the time of delivery. This value is '0' in the case of Prepaid shipments.

Warehouse/Sorting Center/LPC

The facility where the shipment arrives after it has been picked up from the consignor. From here, it is dispatched to the different branches.


This is the weight of the shipment in Kilograms.

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